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Why did they make a boost ? We already have limited likes

Sucks there is a boost but I feel like the better rating I give them the more matches I get

Good App!

Very useful!

Very nice

Very very nice

Fix My Anthem

App is good, it serves its purpose well. But My Anthem doesnt work half the time and I like seeing what people like listening to and your link to Spotify is messed up or something. Fix that please

At first, I just want to know if women would like me or not, then I get a GF

My friend recommended this to me, he said the original benefits of using tinder is to get one-night stands sex. But, sometimes the right couples can meet each other in tinder, like me and my GF. Never get disappointed on the day that I found her.


Its the only "dating" app that works.

Fake accounts

Get rid of the fake accounts. Its not hard to tell what these accounts are

Doesnt load

The app is stuck searching for people and it wont load no matter what I do


I wanted to troll some fegs but then I accidentally used my real Facebook then my account got deleted I didnt care but now I cant create a new account to troll people on I swear Im mad and the ?️ersonality machine broke

its ok

its ok, still dont like the fact 75% of girls on here look like dead people, and i just got match and was messageing a girl then the chat just disappeared for no reason, so that definitely makes the app bad but not to bad

Great app

Great app , just curious as to where the button to see who has viewed you disappeared to.

Yall need Jesus

Not much else to say

User Was

Please do not show me trans people when I only want to see actual women when I swipe. Thank you.

Does what its supposed to

Does what its supposed to


Truly an amazing app BUT i have not met the love of my life and im pretty bummed out!

So this is the Tinder app?

I dont see what the rage is for this. Every time I get a match and I go to the matches page, it take 15 minutes to load then times out. Im sure its a great idea... the interface is just really poorly programmed.

Everyone is either for sex or relationship

So go ahead and join your side. Its a busy life on the fence.


I love the app and the way it works! The downside of it is that so many people post old or photoshopped pictures so you really dont know what youre getting into unless you can convince the person to send you current and accurate pictures. People almost always look older and fatter in person. Im looking for someone with integrity so I guess thats a needle in a haystack.

I mean it works great

Pretty much what ya expect for a swipe dating app.

Its pretty good

It is what it is, but tinder really can be a good place to meet new people and find someone to date. Ive had some success and found a couple of really nice guys to date, but Im still hunting for a really nice girl ;)

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